The café that greatly exceeds my expectations


Life Grand Café, I discovered this gem when I specifically drove to Hazelwood to try out a patisserie that was disappointing to say the least. I was attracted to the café’s continental look and feel, something that is not common in Pretoria. So I went there on a Friday without making a booking and was lucky to get a table because I’m certainly not the only one who is bowled over by this place. The steak and smashed potato was one of the best dishes I’ve ever had but not only that, all my senses were taken in by the European-influenced feel and for those few hours I felt like I had travelled to another world.

Knowing my brother appreciates dining and relaxing in a place that offers great food and an intriguing vibe just as much as I do, I took him there on the day he came back in town. He was also mesmerised by the ambiance, and the tapas we had went down well. I then decided that I had to come back for brunch.

On Youth Day my boyfriend and I went there around 11am and the place was already packed, after getting my caffeine fix I tried their berry mojito, it was so good that I could have had five more and their club sandwich and boerewors roll didn’t disappoint. It’s rare to find a place that greatly exceeds my expectations and this is definitely one of them! Life Grand Café is at corner Dely Road and Pinester Avenue, Hazelwood, Pretoria, South Africa. 



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